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Healthy Pup again, thanks to Inner Paw!!
I have a 14 year old Pomeranian/chihuahua mix and she tends to have some stomach issues because it is hard to get her be interested in any dog food. These probiotic chews have made a huge impact on getting her gut health back on track and she seems to have more of an appetite now that her tummy is in better shape thanks to Inner Paw's products. The ingredients are well rounded and all natural which I am a huge fan of. I am always hesitant with dog supplements, but after reaching out to the owner with a few questions, I was reassured that I would give this product a try. I was extremely pleased with how much the owner seemed to give me the time of day to figure out what would suit my dog best and seemed to truly care, that's hard to find now-a-days. Overall I'm super thrilled with this product and will definitely be purchasing again. I've also looked into other Inner Paw products and I'm excited to try a few others.


Amazing Product, Worth it!
Highly recommend, your pup will not be disappointed! I will be back again!


I wanted to try something that my older dog would take on his own, he is a Husky Wolf, and he is the most picky dog with what he decides to eat or Not, he has been taking these on his own now for about a month now and he more active and seems to be just Happier 🙂 will continue to purchase these !


Product Works
We have no problem getting our dog to eat the chews. The chews have really helped with his diarrhea problem.


The only chews my furry friend LOVES!
My pup thinks they're yummy and they are tummy approved! If you are invested in your companion's health like I am, you will rest easy knowing you are taking care of your fur baby with a high quality, dependable product like this one. Inner Paw for the win!


Delicious and All-Natural Ingredients!

Active Ingredients

All Ingredients

Amylase; Protease; lipase; cellulase; lactase; bromelain; total microbial count, min (Lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus brevis, lactobacillus fermentum & Lactococcus lactis); oat flour; palm fruit oil; rice bran; rice flour; flaxseed; natural chicken flavor; sunflower lecithin; coconut gycerin; sorbic acid (natural preservative); powdered cellulose; inulin (prebiotic); rosemary extract; mixed tocopherols

Probiotics Soft Chews by Inner Paw with Westland Terrier

Probiotic Dog Chews Creates a Stomach of Steel!

We’ve all had one of those scares. Our dog is acting uncharacteristically lethargic. It looks like there’s something wrong, but we don’t know what. The vet suggests it might be something they ate. After some medication, the tail is back to wagging and all is well. But that doesn’t lessen the anxiety you felt in the moment.

Truth is, dogs are scavengers. In the wild, they eat what they can find, developing a hardened stomach over time that can take the punishment of nature’s less-than-appetizing meal opportunities. Domestic dogs don’t get that luxury. We feed them quality foods to give them a healthy life, but sometimes at the expense of their gastrointestinal fortitude. 

Inner Paw Probiotic Soft Chews

Our supplement works in concert with your dog’s existing diet to help boost their gastrointestinal health with probiotics! Learn more about the benefits of our Probiotic Dog Chews.


Gut health is important, especially in dogs. Probiotics are a great, safe way to build up Rover's stomach health while supplying them with other healthy vitamins and minerals as well! Give your pet the benefits of Inner Paws Probiotic Chews today!


All active ingredients in Inner Paw’s Probiotic Chews are healthy and safe for your drooly companion. No matter if you have them on wet or dry food, protein rich or fiber high diets, these supplements will help it all go down that much easier. 


Your dog can reap the same benefits as you with probiotics, and Inner Paw Probiotic Chews is just the dose they need to stay happy and healthy! Your stomach is full of healthy bacteria that aid in the digestion of foods that can otherwise be difficult to break down. These bacteria have even been linked to reducing things like stomach and colon cancer.


Dogs don’t like to play when they’re feeling under-the-weather. One of the top causes of an uncomfortable, unenthusiastic dog is intestinal distress. While you should always consult a vet for more serious symptoms, Inner Paw's Digestive Chews are a great way to put the pep back in Fido’s step without a trip to the vet!


Let’s just say the word now and get it over with: Poop. It’s a normal activity for most mammals, and your dog is no exception. And poop can say a lot about a pet’s health. Random and sudden needs to pass a stool can point to poor digestion in pups of all ages. InnerPaw’s Digestive Chews help keep bowel movements regular and your house from becoming an accidental poop site.


Dogs aren’t cheap. A visit to the vet can leave you with an upset stomach over the bill. And while you should always err on the side of caution when debating whether to take Skippy to the vet, continued use of probiotics in a dog’s diet can cut down on the number of late life visits you’ll need to make. Probiotics and Inner Paw’s Probiotic Chew’s list of active ingredients contribute towards a healthier maturity in dogs, if used consistently over time. 

Probiotics Soft Chews by InnerPaw

120 Soft Chews


Why Inner Paw?

Inner Paw is a company focused on holistic health for household pets. We love dogs just as much as you do and understand that their health can oftentimes take precedence even over our very own. Inner Paw’s Probiotic Chews promote healthy digestion and a carefree lifestyle between you and your four-legged best friend. 
Probiotics are an undersold necessity for your dog’s long-term health, but Inner Paw’s aim is to help you correct that misunderstanding. Your fur baby will drool when it’s time for a chew, and you can pat yourself on the back for a healthy choice well-made.