Probiotic Soft Chews - 120 Soft Chews
Probiotic Soft Chews - 120 Soft Chews
Probiotic Soft Chews - 120 Soft Chews
Probiotic Soft Chews - 120 Soft Chews
Probiotic Soft Chews - 120 Soft Chews
Probiotic Soft Chews - 120 Soft Chews
Probiotic Soft Chews - 120 Soft Chews
Probiotic Soft Chews - 120 Soft Chews

Probiotic Soft Chews - 120 Soft Chews

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We love doggos just as much as you do - that's why we want your pups to receive the very best treatment, just like they're our own. Our probiotics for dogs aren't just seriously tasty with their succulent chicken flavor, but they also come with an abundance of health benefits that supports gut health, digestion, as well as strengthening the immune system with good bacteria and a proprietary blend of enzymes and probiotics. We have no doubt that Inner Paw will become your new one-stop-shop for health-powered dog treats - so, are you ready to get your hands (or paws) stuck in?

Core Benefits:

✔ Super Shiny Coat
✔ Aids Digestion
✔ Reduce Gut Health Issues
✔ Strengthened Immune System


• PROBIOTIC SOFT CHEWS: Our unique digestive supplements for dogs contain a proprietary blend of enzymes and probiotics. These compounds work together to help aid your dog's digestion and improve their overall gut health, with a broad range of health benefits for your pup. From digestion to bowel movement, this all-in-one supplement is here to help!

• PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: With our no water, no pressure, no heath process, we can maintain the complete integrity, viability, and flavor profile of all the ingredients in our products - offering your dog the highest quality compounds for a healthy and fulfilled life. Your dogs will love our tasty chews, and the yummy chicken flavor will ensure they will take their probiotics without the fuss!

• AIDS DIGESTION: Jump-start your dog's digestion with these powerful supplements that are jam-packed with good bacteria to support gut health, boost their immune system and fight against diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating - supporting a streamlined digestive tract for your pup.

• STRENGTHEN IMMUNE SYSTEM: Our all-natural dog chews are the best digestive supplement for dogs; reducing gut health problems and strengthening the immune system. Your pet can easily benefit from increased resistance to illness and allergies, along with less bloating and discomfort. With Inner Paw, your dog's immune system is fully prepared to fight off illness and allergies better than ever!

• PROMOTES A HEALTHY COAT: What's more? One top of all the other health benefits, the components in our unique blend offer a healthy improvement in your pet's coat and skin! Fewer spots and sores will appear due to a quicker healing time, and better skin means a healthier and shinier coat!


Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory enzyme. It can ease pain and inflammation in dogs of all ages, from your puppy with a sprain from getting a little too excited, to your old man dog who has stiffness and swelling from arthritis.


Lactase is a naturally occurring enzyme that helps digest lactose, which is found in dairy products. Most dogs stop producing lactase once they graduate from puppyhood, so lactase can help your pup keep a happy tummy as they gobble their snacks.


 If amylase and protease are covering proteins, you can count on lipase to handle the fats. Lipase will break down fat cells in an efficient and healthy way for your furry friend.

Probiotic Dog Chews Creates a Stomach of Steel!

Why Inner Paw?

Inner Paw is a company focused on holistic health for household pets. We love dogs just as much as you do and understand that their health can oftentimes take precedence even over our very own. Inner Paw’s Probiotic Chews promote healthy digestion and a carefree lifestyle between you and your four-legged best friend. Probiotics are an undersold necessity for your dog’s long-term health, but Inner Paw’s aim is to help you correct that misunderstanding. Your fur baby will drool when it’s time for a chew, and you can pat yourself on the back for a healthy choice well-made.  

Inner Paw Probiotic Soft Chews

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