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Our dogs benefit from quality supplements just as much as we do!
Our pets provide us with so much joy and happiness, and they deserve all of our love and care in return. A big part of that is nutrition. That’s why we developed our line of Inner Paw dog supplements. It is designed to help strengthen your dog's health and provide targeted nutrition to combat specific doggie issues like anxiety, hip pain, and even allergies.
Why Inner Paw?
Inner Paw founder Braeden loves animals!! At a young age, severe animal allergies dashed his dream to work as a Veterinarian. When the hunt to help his own Bulldog with the common ailments of nasal congestion, stinky fur, bad breath, and poor digestion succeeded, a new opportunity to work with animals surfaced. He transformed his passion for pups into Inner Paw and now is helping pet owners all over the country. These 100% natural supplements help your dog with anxiety, hip pain, digestion issues, allergies, and more! Inner Paw dog chews and tablets provide your dog with the building blocks of health needed to live a long and healthy life.
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Allergy and Immune Support Soft Chews

People aren't the only creatures who suffer from allergies. You may have noticed your dog's incessant paw liking, dry skin, or areas of inflammation. Allergies can affect your pup's immune system and cause long term health problems. Our allergy chews promise to help reduce dry and itchy skin, enhance immune function, decrease inflammation and fight off seasonal allergies
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